Powered Ascender: The Future of Rope Access
Rope access has long been the go-to method for accessing unreachable locations in construction, maintenance, and rescue operations. But despite its effectiveness, rope access can be […]
For the first time, electric climbers are used for live work in power supply, making every effort to ensure reliable electricity consumption for residents
For the first time, State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company’s Power Transmission and Inspection Branch innovatively used electric climbers to carry out live work, and made […]
PESCO Smart Powered Rope Ascender
What is PESCO Smart Powered Rope Ascender? PESCO Smart Powered Rope Ascender is a device that helps people ascend and descend in a safe and controlled manner, without any risk of injury. It allows people to use their own body weight to climb up or down a rope. It has been designed to be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability.